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Social Action

Volunteering of one's time and expertise is not only a recognized Jewish value, but one that is highly prized in our Temple community. The concept of Tikun Olam (repairing the world) reflects the Jewish values of Justice (tzedek), Compassion (chesed) and Peace (shalom), and has come to symbolize the quest for social justice, freedom, equality, peace, and the restoration of the environment. It calls us to repair the world through social action and thoughtful interaction with the world and the people around us. Tikun Olam recognizes that each act of kindness, no matter how small, helps build a better world.

Opportunities for Tikun Olam are numerous and diverse. Our members are encouraged to lend their hearts, souls, and minds to the needs in our community that most interest and inspire them. Beyond the immense satisfaction of assisting in organizing a program or helping an individual, volunteering is the ideal way to meet other members of our Temple Beth Am community. Some of the opportunities focus on internal (temple) programs and functions, while others focus on the community at large. Newcomers to South Florida or just to Beth Am will have an opportunity to meet people with common goals and values. The best way to get involved is to SIGN UP, and contact one of the chairpersons to discover available opportunities for involvement. 

For any questions, Please Contact Sapir Roth 954-257-5275 or Steve Iskowitz 954-240-8627. 


CLICK HERE for application

Reverse Tashlich

Reverse Tashlich: On Rosh Hashanah, the traditional Tashlich service has us throwing bread into a body of water, symbolizing the casting away of our sins. Unfortunately, bread isn’t the only thing people throw in water. A new tradition called REVERSE TASHLICH aims to remove trash and waste people have cast in our oceans and on our beaches. Our first event will occur on the Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, which this year is 12 September, at 9:30 AM by the pier at Deerfield Beach. Go to for more information and to sign up for our Beth Am team!


For questions, please contact Ashley Taepakdee at

Kol Nidre Food Drive

Kol Nidre Food Drive: If you consider the food that each fasting person DOESN’T EAT on Yom Kippur (at least 2 meals’ worth), please consider donating an equivalent amount of food to our Kol Nidre Food Drive. We will be collecting non-perishable food items before the Kol Nidre service (the eve of Yom Kippur, which is on 15 September 2021). The food, which will be donated to The Cupboard (the food pantry of Goodman Jewish Family Services of Broward), will then be distributed to Jewish people and families in need in Broward county. Look for donation boxes in the temple lobby, and more information soon.

Little Free Pantry

Social Action program has partnered with B’nai Torah Synagogue in Boca for this program.

The pantry, which is mounted on a post at the southwest end of the temple parking lot near the bus stop on Royal Palm Blvd, is a brightly painted wooden cabinet with a clear door.

The concept of the pantry is that at any time, anybody can donate non-perishable items (food, personal care products, paper goods, school tools, etc), and anybody in the community who needs these items can come and take them.  With the magic of technology, people who are unable to physically come to the pantry (locals or out-of-towners) can still donate; this can easily be done using the Amazon wish list:

The items will be delivered from Amazon directly to the temple, and they will be placed in the cabinet.

While the pantry  is on Beth Am’s property, this is really a community project.  We have facilitated a way for neighbors to help neighbors. Do a mitzvah! Support Social Action!   

For any questions, please contact Contact Sapir Roth 954-257-5275, Steve Iskowitz 954-240-8627 or Maxine Szmulewitz at

REPORTTHATPANTRY.ORG - see the status of the pantry (full, half-full, empty).


Mitzvah Day

Mitzvah Day:  Mitzvah Day this year will be on Sunday 26 December 2021. We want to hear YOUR ideas for M-Day projects. Do you know of an organization that could use some volunteers? Maybe a soup kitchen, a nursing home, an animal rescue group, or homeless shelter? Maybe you already volunteer somewhere. Do you have a great organization looking for donations of food or clothing? We hope to provide various opportunities, on-site and off-site. And just so you know, Bingo at BARC is again a go, for those of you who have participated in the past. If you have ideas, please contact Steve or Sapir at



As part of our Social Action program, we have partnered with the City of Margate to host street clean-up events at least twice a year.  In exchange for performing this service, the City has posted a sign at each end of our assigned area designating Temple Beth Am as the organization responsible for keeping that area trash-free.  Our first street cleanup event took place Sunday, August 15, with a small but hardy group. Rock Island Road is now Clean Street USA! Please check back here for further updates regarding the next clean-up event, tentatively scheduled for early December. All are welcome. Bring your friends, your kids, your friends’ kids…anyone over the age of 12. 



Q:  Who is in charge of this project?

A:  Heidi Carmel is the designated leader for this project and has completed all the prerequisite training.

Q:  Where will the event(s) take place?

A:  TBA has been assigned to collect trash along the 1-mile section of sidewalk from NW 18th Street and Rock Island Road (the first traffic light south of the Temple) south to Atlantic Boulevard.  What this translates to, and per the City’s rules, is that we have agreed to collect trash on BOTH SIDES of Rock Island Road.  All participants should be physically able to walk 2 MILES (one mile up and one mile back), carrying a bag of trash.  Participants must stay together and walk AGAINST TRAFFIC; therefore, we would start at the north end of this 1-mile section, on the EAST SIDE of Rock Island Road, collect trash as we head south, leave the bags at the south end, cross over to the WEST SIDE of Rock Island Road, collect trash as we head north, and leave those bags at the north end. 

Q:  How long will it take?

A:  We anticipate spending 1-1/2 to 2 hours, depending on how many people participate.

Q:  Can we just show up or do we need to sign up (register) to participate? 

A:  Because we must give the City a week’s notice of our intent to hold a cleanup event, we will need people to SIGN UP (register) on the Temple website so that we know how many participants we can expect.  We estimate that 6-10 people is a sufficient number of participants. Note that participants must be over the age of 12.

Q: Where will we get the trash bags?

A: The City provides trash bags, gloves, and vests for all participants.  Participants are encouraged to wear weather-appropriate clothing, protect themselves from the sun (bring hats and sunglasses, use sunscreen), and bring their own water to keep adequately hydrated. YOU MUST WEAR CLOSED-TOE SHOES.

Q:  Do we need to pick up trash in the gutters/street?

A:  NO! We are NOT to go into the street (i.e., where the traffic is).  We are also discouraged from picking up anything that seems dangerous (Your Project Leader will go over all this prior to the start of the event).

Q:  I am diabetic/have heart problems/use a walker/get sunburned (etc).  Can I participate?

A:  People who may be prone/susceptible to dehydration, low blood sugar, fainting, dizziness, migraines, shortness of breath, heat rashes, and/or any other medical problems, should not participate, and the Project Leader reserves the right to refuse participants. All participants must sign a release/waiver (on site, prior to participating), holding the City of Margate free of liability.

Q:  What if I can only come for an hour?  What if I can’t walk the whole way?

A:  We hope people will come for the whole event, but this is a voluntary event and you do not have to complete the whole thing.  If you can’t complete the entire distance, or you can’t stay the whole time, you can participate for as long as you can, and leave when needed.  We encourage people to complete the full event to make this the best cleanup possible.

Q:  How will I know when a cleanup is scheduled?

A:  Cleanup events will be announced the usual ways:  Weekly What’s Happening, email, website, Shabbat bulletin, Shabbat announcements.  Stay tuned!

Q:  I still have some questions.  Whom can I call? 

A:  Please call the Temple office (954.968.4545), Steve Iskowitz (954.240.8627), Sapir Roth (954.257.5275) or Heidi Carmel (954.260.5305).

Wed, September 22 2021 16 Tishrei 5782