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Welcome to Temple Beth Am Sisterhood!

The Sisterhood is an active and vital group of women who are professionals, stay at home moms, young women and grandmothers within the congregation who come together to enhance the lives of our members with programs that provide meaning, enjoyment and an opportunity to form new friendships!

We invite you to learn more about being part of our active community and will be offering a variety of programs and activities to meet our member needs for families, couples and Sisterhood members alike.


Women's Shabbat


(16 March 2019/9 Adar II 5779 – Shabbat ZACHOR)

[*numbers in parentheses indicate number of people needed for that portion of the service]


GABBAI RISHON: Nancy  GABBAIM: Mindy, Wendy 

9:00 – 9:30 Morning Service

Barchu open Ark doors (2) (149) 

El Adon (1) (151) 

Shma/v’Ahavta (1) (155) 


9:30 – 10:30 Torah Service 

Open Ark curtain (2) (168) 

English reading (1) (169, choice) 

Torah Service/Procession:  Shma Yisrael/Romemu (1) (171) 

Carry Torahs (2) 


Aliyot*/Torah Readers (Parashat Vayikra, 4:27 – 5:26) (*Need Hebrew name, father’s Hebrew name; mother’s name optional)

* Kohen 

* Levi 

* Shlishi - / Shlishi – (5:1-10) 

* Revi’i 

* Chamishi - / Chamishi – (5:14-16) 

* Shishi - / Shishi – (5:17-19) 

* Shvi’i 

Glila sefer rishon (1) 

Glila sefer shayni (1)

Prayer for soldiers (Rabbi’s booklet) (1) 

Yekum Purkan (1) (176)

English Prayer for the Congregation (1) (176) 

English Prayer for Those Who Serve the Community (1) (176) 

English Prayer for Our Country (1) (177) 

English Prayer for the State of Israel (1) (178)

Return Torah Service (1) (183) 

Open Ark doors (2) 

Carry Torahs (2) 

10:30 – 11:30 Musaf Service

Chatzi Kaddish (1) (184)            

Musaf (1) (185)                           

Kaddish shalem (1) (203)          

Ein Keloheinu (any number) (204) 

Aleinu curtain (2) 

Aleinu (any number) (205-206) 

Kaddish Yatom (1) (207) 

Adon Olam (any number) (211) 

Close Ark doors (2) 

Kiddush/HaMotzi on the bima (1) 


*IF YOU WOULD LIKE AN HONOR, PLEASE CONTACT SAPIR ROTH at 954.257.5275 (phone/text) or

Sisterhood Simchas


Back by popular demand

BIRTHDAY WISHES WITH SISTERHOOD   For just $36 for the year, you can send wishes to an unlimited number of people.  We supply the list, you just check them off.

You can participate in one of two ways:


E-Mail Notification

If you check your e-mails frequently (at least once every two days), we can e-mail you the monthly selections. All you have to do is respond back with your choices.

Hard Copy Package

If you prefer, we will mail you a set of the full year list of birthday names.

Click for the Form or Contact the temple office or Amy Hymes

954-726-2367 or



How Do I Get Involved in Sisterhood?

  1. Become a member!

If you are currently not a member of Sisterhood and would like to become one, please view our Sisterhood Membership form or contact Maxine Szmulewitz, President at

To join or renew your Sisterhood membership, please fill out this form below.
Membership costs $36 per year and includes $13 for the Women's League.

2. Volunteer

We are always looking for those that can volunteer for our day BINGO where you get to meet a lot of amazing people. Please contact Freda Mammina at 954-970-9044 if you are interested.

Sisterhood has a Simcha program, which provides you the opportunity to send birthday cards to any Temple Beth Am member. 

2018 - 2019 Board of Directors

President Maxine Szmulewitz
Programming Vice President Amy Hymes & Millie Lester
Membership Vice President Debbie Zim
Secretary Laura Sternberg
Treasurer Sharon Yaro
Torah Fund Maxine Szmulewitz
Simchas Amy Hymes
BINGO Freda Mammina & Beverly Magnan
2017 Woman of Valor Stacey Needle
2018 Woman of Valor Heidi Carmel


Sat, May 25 2019 20 Iyyar 5779